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Body Language for Business

Body Language and Non-Verbal Communication is all about learning the hidden message behind the words.  In this eye opening course, you will learn how to understand what someone else is “Really” saying. 

Equally important is that you will also learn the hidden message you are giving off based on your own personal Body Language.


Body Language For Business will teach you how to:

  • Read Facial Expressions

  • Recognize Power Poses

  • Emotions behind the Body Language

  • The 7 C’s of Body Language

  • Recognize Deception

  • What your Body Language is saying to others

  • Examples will cover how to use Body Language in:

    • Sales

    • Negotiations

    • Working with Teams

    • Networking

    • Public Speaking

The skills you will learn in Body Language For Business Professionals will give you a “Secret Weapon” for that competitive edge in all your business dealings.

Your custom Body Language For Business program includes: a detailed student manual, live in class instruction, guided skill development, and practice time.

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